100% Made in Italy

The entire production process of the Molinari machines is done internally in the factory in Lenna, in the province of Bergamo.

Every step that leads to the installation of a machine Molinari, from design to setting, is followed directly by the personnel: engineers, technicians and skilled workers will ensure the achievement of high quality standards that have always distinguished the work nosto and the satisfaction of grinding requirements - even special - esperesse by the customer.

Custom Made

We understand that each customer has his own needs and that there is no universal standard functional machine.

Our Technical Department is available to tailor our products to what is required and thus propose a practical and personalized.

Tests Area

Molinari has a covered area of ​​4000 square meters where there are two grinding plants for tests. Customers can come to grind their products to evaluate the final size, the cutting quality and the productivity.

Watch videos of our machines at work